BD Concierge Service

BD Concierge Service

Our Business Development Concierge Professionals are available for urgent and complex consulting matters combining subject matter expertise, business strategy and tech implementation.

In order to support our clients to win new business, we support them with a special Business Development (BD) Concierge Service

The BD Concierge Service is geared towards Business Development teams at professional services firms that prepare RFPs, tenders, proposals or pitches for specific projects or long-term engagements. The service helps these firms to identify possible digital solutions to underpin their current offering and to create added value for their clients.

The service runs in a structured format to quickly assess the situation and to determine a concrete and actionable solution offering. Typically, the service involves the following steps:

  1. Joint assessment of the RFPs, tenders, proposals, pitches etc.
  2. Ideation on concrete digital solution that would underscore the current offering
  3. Scoping of a possible solution
  4. Drafting of a description and initial screenshots to describe the planned solution

After this first step, which typically takes 1 hour, the service can be extended. Follow up services could include:

  1. Support in building a first prototype
  2. Refining the initial proposal
  3. Support in demoing and pitching the solution
  4. Creation of a business case (including ROI assessment)

Through this service we want to enable our customers to drive their business models gradually towards an “asset-based consulting”. The BD Concierge Service is the starting point to including a digital offering (asset) into each RFP, tender, proposal or pitch. In the long run, we will also upskill and train internal BD teams to spot asset-based consulting opportunities on their own.

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