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368% ROI: Read Forrester’s Independent Study on BRYTER

A new study from Forrester Consulting shows BRYTER users stand to see an ROI of 368%, a reduction of 90% of time spent on repetitive tasks, and reduced legal and compliance risk.

BRYTER Open, Free of Charge

BRYTER Open gives non-profits, NGOs and academic institutions the power of our platform for...

Playing the digital transformation end-game with service automation

For many years digital transformation has been the talk of the town. Consumers can shop conveniently, daily...

Service Automation
How service automation adapts RPA for the business user

Whatever company you work at or job you do, you’re dealing with processes every day. Whether you’re...

Why tech has the power to make or break your legal department

Legal departments are under rising pressure. They need to deliver legal advice, facilitate legal operations...

No-code automation: the solution to the service automation problem

No-code has been relatively easy to define but harder to pin down to specific use cases where it thrives....

Cognia Partner
Cognia Law Partners with BRYTER to Provide Digital Legal Services

BRYTER, the leading no-code service automation platform, announces its new partnership with Cognia Law, the...

BRYTER Academy
BRYTER Academy Hackathon Winners Announced

Participants joined the hackathon that took place virtually at the University of...

In-house legal tech budgets to grow 200% by 2025

Gartner’s latest predictions focus on delivering value through technology and process innovation....

Hunter Gatherer
The modern legal hunter-gatherer’s dilemma

While an anathema to some in the legal profession, productization and commoditization of legal knowledge...

Document Automation in Practical Use
How to integrate Document Automation in a Law Firm

Document Automation seems like the low hanging fruit in most law firms and regulatory departments. Although...

Key legal and compliance predictions in 2022

2021 represents a landmark year for automation, with innovation managers using the impetus of the...

Microsoft Word
BRYTER Launches New Integration With Microsoft Word to Create Document Templates

The BRYTER MS Word Add-in enables anyone to create document templates in minutes, all within Microsoft...

5 chatbot trends for 2021

Chatbots are taking a more prominent role when it comes to legal and business operations. Now in 2021, the...

Marketing Guide
Gartner’s legal Market Guide highlights the slow road to success

Gartner spent plenty of time in 2020 focusing on the legal tech market, and we look forward to more as 2021...

David Kölliker
Automation in IP law: copyright infringements as an area for innovation

In a recent paper, University St. Gallen graduate David Koelliker describes how legal consulting can be...

The invisible revolution: Virtual Legal Assistants and Law-Bots are on the rise

ncreasing productivity in the legal department is the main driver for automating legal work. According to...

Top Legal Tech Trends
What are the top Legal Tech trends for 2021 according to Gartner?

In the coming years, corporate legal departments are aiming to increase productivity by reducing response...

Use Cases
Top ten use cases of 2020

This year has been a year like no other, and as we head into 2021 we take a look at the top ten ways legal,...

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