Top 5 Reasons to Use a No-code App Builder for App Development

No code application development

Using a no-code app builder for app development is growing in popularity, and for good reason.

With large workloads and constant pressure to deliver results quickly, business leaders are looking for solutions, and no-code technology allows organizations to do more with less. 34% of businesses are already using no-code to build their apps, and 9% of businesses are about to start using a no-code platform. No-code app builders allow you to create apps and other essential software without the need to write a single line of code. BRYTER offers various no-code software, such as an app builder and chatbots for business.

No-code app builders bridge the gap between IT and business, allowing for faster, more iterative, and collaborative development. Companies are becoming more responsive as a result of the use of no-code app builders. They provide citizen developers with the high-end tools they need to swiftly and efficiently build, launch, and maintain enterprise-grade apps. 

So, why use a no-code app builder for app development?

1. Efficient use of internal resources

External resources and development teams may be highly expensive and difficult to work with when developing applications. Furthermore, having restricted (or no) access to the backend of an app you’ve created with the help of an outside agency means the inner workings of the app are obscure and the user is dependent on the developers to make any changes to it. Companies may empower their business users and citizen developers to quickly construct business apps depending on their needs using a no-code platform, which allows any user or citizen developer to create applications, requiring only that they have an understanding of the process to automate.

2. Improved development and delivery times

The ability to create a business application in minutes or hours is one of the main benefits of using no-code app builders. When compared to traditional techniques, this dramatically saves development time and allows for speedier app delivery. Every line of code is manually written or hand-coded in conventional programme development. Whereas with a no-code app builder, such as BRYTER, fully customizable self-service apps can be created by anyone.

3. Increased adaptability

Because business needs are continuously changing, it’s tough for software engineers to modify coding in the middle of a project. Changing or expanding the functionality of apps is considerably easier with no-code app builders than with traditional application development approaches. By simplifying the development process, no-code app builders help organizations minimize application backlogs and allow faster time-to-market. Users may make adjustments right away to improve the user experience, measure efficiency, and keep business procedures automated.

4. Lower Cost of Ownership

No-code app builders save development time and effort, resulting in a cheaper total cost of ownership. This is a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing resources, allowing organizations to relieve pressure on their IT departments while still meeting the needs of digital innovation.

5. Lower risk and a higher return on investment

With the enhanced user interface of a no-code app builder, corporate users/citizen developers may simply construct and customize apps. As a consequence, rather than struggling with application development issues, in-house developers may focus on solving more important business concerns. Half the overhead cost required to design a traditional app can also be saved, meaning a better ROI. Subsequently, investing in no-code development is lower risk. In the unlikely event that your application fails, you will have saved more money than if you had invested in traditional development. The Virtual Legal Assistant built with BRYTER automates repetitive legal requests, and saves up to 90% of time allocating resources and providing legal services.

In many businesses, no-code development is gaining popularity and has the potential to disrupt the industry. It’s a fantastic moment to start working on your apps with no-code.


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