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How Hogan Lovells launched their German Foreign Investment Tool as a one-stop shop in M&A deals.

The firm’s latest product, The German Foreign Investment Tool, will help companies identify whether an international deal would trigger German legal requirements. The original idea came from a legal tech hackathon organized by BRYTER in 2018. Their newest tool is a “one-stop-shop to ease the screening process by allowing both parties in the M&A deal to quickly and easily determine if they require regulatory approval in German.”

Hogan Lovells German Foreign Investment Tool
Hogan Lovells’ German Foreign Investment Tool

Using BRYTER, Hogan Lovells was able to quickly build a prototype and fine-tune the tool which is designed to be easily adaptable to account for any FDI regulations change, while providing the best client experience. Mark Brennan, Hogan Lovells’ Lead Innovation Partner, said: “The new Guide is incredibly helpful and easy-to-use – we are so excited to be providing this tool for our clients.”

Hogan Lovells German Foreign Investment Tool

“The German Foreign Investment Control Guide built by Hogan Lovells on BRYTER is an excellent example of a law firm taking an innovative, client-centric approach to delivering legal services, enabling the firm to better serve its global client base,” added Micha-Manuel Bues, Co-Founder and CCO of BRYTER.

Hogan Lovells’ innovative approach to client service shows that the future of legal service delivery is already here. “Lawyers in the antitrust team at Hogan Lovells were able to easily collaborate with the innovation team to build, test, and launch a product that reflects their market-leading advice” said Micha-Manuel Bues.

Hogan Lovells’ lawyers and innovation team create market-leading synergy to develop digital legal tools, many of which are built on BRYTER. You can read more about the ways Hogan Lovells uses BRYTER here. If you’d like to try BRYTER for yourself, you can book a guided demo or start a free trial today.

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