Get draft replies to
compliance questions

Save time answering routine questions with the BRYTER Outlook Add-in.

Use AI to generate draft email replies

Upload your company policies, run pre-trained AI built for compliance, get draft email replies – all in your inbox.

Save time replying to emails

Use AI to generate accurate draft email replies to any compliance request in seconds.

Get the info you need within Outlook

Stop looking for the right policy on your intranet or Sharepoint. Access all the information you need to reply to emails within Outlook.

Track every request

Reply to requests in Outlook, but track everything in your own Analytics Dashboard to understand risk areas and where to invest additional resource.

Why choose BRYTER Policy AI

Generative AI, built for Compliance

Our AI is built for compliance and regulatory use cases, and is trained solely on your own policies — so it actually works.

Answers you can trust,
every time

Our proprietary AI relies solely on defined policy documents. This prevents the AI from making up answers.

Smarter request management

Access a complete compliance productivity suite to effortlessly address queries, draft replies, and manage interactions.

Confidentiality and security, built-in

Your policies never leave your confidential Policy Domain and will never be used to train OpenAI language models.

Trusted globally

Safe, secure
generative AI

We prioritize data privacy and security. BRYTER PolicyAI uses OpenAI on our own Azure cloud hosted in the EU.

Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS and will not be used to train OpenAI language models.

We are SOC 2 Type II and ISO27001 certified.

Frequently asked

How does your AI work?

It works by ingesting your policy content into our proprietary system and then sending parts that are relevant to the question to our AI model in the cloud.

What AI does your solution use?

It uses OpenAI on our own Azure cloud hosted in the EU combined with our own proprietary technology that—among other things—prevents the AI from making up responses to questions it does not know the answer to.

How does it all stay confidential?

Your policies never leave our own cloud infrastructure on AWS which we have all relevant security certifications for including SOC 2 Type II and ISO27001. All data is stored on our AWS infrastructure, and we only ever send data from AWS to Azure that directly relates to a question. Nothing is stored on Azure.

Can we build this ourselves using OpenAI if you are using standard models?

We have developed our own proprietary technology on top of OpenAI’s models which is embedded into a full product offering. With BRYTER PolicyAI you will have access to AI fine tuned to compliance use cases and policy content that is part of a productivity suite for compliance professionals.

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