AIFMD Assessment Tool

Understand how to market non-EU funds and financial products within the EU

An AIFMD Assessment Tool helps to assess the applicability of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to Alternative Invest Fund Managers (AIFMs).

By helping AIFMs identify the necessary requirements for marketing or managing Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) within a given country as well as expediting the preparation of necessary documentation, the tool is able to complete an expensive, highly cumbersome and complex process in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same manually. All assessments of the AIFMD Assessment Tool are automatically saved in a full audit trail for future reference.


Within the European Economic Area (EEA), different countries have adopted the AIFMD to different extents under their respective national laws. This imposes varied obligations on AIFs and AIFMs that wish to attract investors from countries in the EEA.  

With an AIFMD Assessment Tool built on BRYTER, AIFMs can benefit from an automated workflow to find out and fulfil the requirements under different national laws that implement the AIFMD. Based on the inputs of the user, the tool automatically identifies the requirements, such as whether the AIFM needs to be authorized under the country’s laws that implement the AIFMD. The user is guided through an interactive questionnaire that collects information to assess the obligation of the AIFM. The AIFMD Assessment Tool can be adapted and customized to suit a variety of enquiries. Our self-service application modular logic allows firms to add additional steps for automating the preparation and submission of National Private Placement Regime (NPPR) forms to the relevant authority.  


Automated & standardized

An AIFMD Assessment Tool allows you to assess different national requirements for marketing and managing AIFs automatically. The application also standardizes the assessment process and ensures a consistent approach.

Centralized audit trail

Within the AIFMD Assessment Tool, all relevant input data and assessment results, such as domicile of the AIFM, destination country and authorization process are tracked and documented in a centralized audit trail. This allows you to prove and document compliant behavior by the AIFM.


The AIFMD Assessment Tool can easily be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Based on the assessment, the tool also allows users to make submissions directly to the respective authorities for authorizations.

Highly customizable

The AIFMD Assessment Tool may be built to accommodate the local laws of every country in the EEA and can be updated as the laws evolve

How it works


Collect data

Through a customizable and interactive questionnaire all relevant data such as nature of the AIF and domicile status of the AIFM is collected.


Analyze requirements

A result containing the AIFM’s obligations, clearances needed and limitations on the AIFM is generated to guide the user on what needs to be done to market and manage the AIF. The tool is integrated with national financial regulatory authorities to allow for direct submissions through its automated form completion and email functionality.


Track progress

A dashboard allows you to monitor the outcome of different assessments and track progress on the next steps to be taken, if any. This offers those advising fund managers an overview of tasks related to different AIFs and contributes to overall compliance efforts. With a full audit trail, the AIFM shows that the necessary checks were done before marketing or managing an AIF in a given country.

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