legal intake and matter management

Save time.
Get organized.
Get more done.

Less hustle, more flow. Meet the all-in-one dashboard
your legal team (and your clients) will love.

Save time and
manage workloads

Organize the intake of legal requests in one place and distribute matters across the legal team. Identify frequently recurring requests that are worth automating.

Make it easier and more transparent to access the legal department. Give your clients the gift of a simple, user-friendly portal with automatic updates on the status of their request.

Get data-driven insights that actually make sense

With all your requests in one, digital place, you’ll finally have the data you need to track and analyze workload, identify risk areas, and know where to invest legal resources.

We saved 95% of time previously spent on manual work.

Arjen Schuiling Senior Manager, Global Legal & Compliance Operations

The business gets access to what they are looking for within a very short timeframe.

Stefan Wilke Legal Counsel, GEA’s Group Legal Department

The Legal Portal really is a win-win: it’s time savings for the legal team, and it’s a better experience for our internal clients

Laura Oliva Garcia Legal Operations Expert, ING


One place for all your requests

Stop chasing information across multiple channels. Centralize legal intake, route all requests to one email inbox, and easily manage all your matters. Integrate with MS Teams, Slack, and your email inbox.


Stay on top of all open matters

One place to track and manage all of your open matters that includes:

  • Individual dashboards for each lawyer on your team
  • Department overview for management
  • Document and file upload and storage
  • Automatic updates for clients and stakeholders on the status of their requests via email, MS Teams or Slack


Get the data-driven insights you’ve always wanted

Manage team capacity

Understand the workload of each lawyer and distribute work more effectively.

Track time spent on requests

Monitor the time it takes your team to resolve matters. Identify and improve operational bottlenecks and disruptive processes.

Understand which lines of business require the most help

Identify how many requests your team receives from which line of business. Streamline your investments and offer self-service tools.

On-demand walkthrough

Stay on top of all open matters

Preview our legal intake and matter management dashboard with our on-demand demo. Our 2 minute video will walk you through our intake system, matter tracking environment, analytics dashboard, and more.

Go from unmanageable to managed.

Give your team the legal intake tool to slay their workload, reclaim head space, and focus on the work that matters most.

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