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Intake, delegate, and manage all your matters in one place

Our legal matter management software integrates with email, Slack, MS Teams, and other platforms to centralize all legal requests in a single dashboard.
Save time and get full visibility by keeping track of all your legal matters in one place.

Manage all legal requests in one place and distribute work among the team. Link documents directly to Sharepoint or your DMS for one source of truth.

Use our matter management software to Enhance access to make it easier for clients to interact with you. Provide real-time updates on all matters automatically.

Get a complete view of your legal workload with our matter management software. Use analytics to identify risks, track progress, and allocate resources more efficiently.

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We saved 95% of time previously spent on manual work.

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The business gets access to what they are looking for within a very short timeframe.

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The Legal Portal really is a win-win: it’s time savings for the legal team, and it’s a better experience for our internal clients

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Simplify intake and triage

Manage all requests in one place

Don’t waste time hunting for information across multiple channels. Our platform centralizes legal intake and routes all requests to one email inbox. Integrate with MS Teams, Slack, and your email inbox for seamless, efficient, and collaborative workflows.

Matter management software

Efficient matter management for legal teams

Stay in control with comprehensive matter tracking

Keep track of all your open matters with ease. Our software provides:

  • Individual dashboards for each lawyer on your team
  • Secure document and file upload and storage
  • Automatic updates for clients and stakeholders via email, MS Teams or Slack
  • Customizable matter categories and tags for easy sorting and filtering
  • Task assignment and deadline tracking to stay on top of all action items
legal matter management dashboard

Data and analytics for smarter legal matter management

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights

Understand the workload of each lawyer and distribute work effectively to maximize efficiency. Use our customizable dashboards and reports to track and analyze key metrics such as matter types, status, and outcomes to inform strategic decision-making.

Track matter resolution time

Monitor the time it takes your team to resolve matters, and identify and improve operational bottlenecks and disruptive processes.

Identify top requests by line of business

Gain insights into the types of requests your team receives from each line of business. Streamline your investments and offer self-service tools to better serve your clients.

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See our matter management software in action

See for yourself how our matter management software can streamline your legal workflow. Watch our 2-minute demo video to preview our centralized intake system, customizable matter tracking environment, advanced analytics dashboard, and more.

Matter management FAQs

What is matter management software and why is it important for legal departments?

Matter management software helps teams effectively manage legal matters and cases throughout their lifecycle, from intake to resolution. It tracks and organizes all correspondence, key information, and documents related to each matter, all while coordinating workflows and enabling communication among team members and external stakeholders. Our platform enables legal teams to operate more efficiently, mitigate risk, and provide better service to their clients.

What are the benefits of using this matter management software?

Our platform gives teams improved efficiency, productivity, and visibility, enhanced collaboration and communication among team members, better risk and compliance management, and more effective cost management and budgeting. It also helps ensure accuracy and consistency in legal matters.

Why do I need legal matter management software? Can’t I just use a generic project management tool?

Tools like Asana and Jira are generic project management tools. While you might be able to make them work, they are not tailored to the needs of legal teams. Our platform is designed to meet the unique requirements of legal operations, such as the ability to archive and document decisions, keep audit logs for future reference and litigation, and streamline workflows. It’s built specifically for the way legal teams operate, ensuring that you have the tools you need to manage your matters effectively.

It’s important for the legal team to be accessible and maintain relationships with the business. Does this platform add another barrier?

No, this platform does not add another barrier between the legal team and the business. Business users can choose not to interact with the platform directly at all. Instead, all communication can take place through existing tools such as email, MS Teams, or Slack, with the platform plugged into it. The system can be configured so that all business users’ interactions take place within their existing environments, minimizing barriers to adoption and ensuring that interactions remain personal.

The information the legal team deals with is highly sensitive. How does this platform maintain privacy, sensitivity, and control of that information?

Our platform does not require access to your entire email, Slack, or MS Teams inbox. You decide which messages should be turned into matters through our plugins. Easily create new matters or attach emails to existing ones with the click of a button.

Can this platform integrate with other legal technologies, such as e-billing or CLM systems?

Yes, our platform can integrate with other legal technologies, such as e-billing or contract management systems, in addition to built-in integrations with standard workplace tools like Outlook, MS Teams, and Slack. Integration can help streamline workflows and improve data accuracy and consistency across multiple systems.

How does matter management software help legal departments with cost management and budgeting?

Our platform helps legal departments with cost management and budgeting by providing reports and analytics. These tools enable legal departments to identify areas of overspending or potential cost savings, understand where time is spent, and better align their services with the needs of the business.

How does matter management software help legal departments with tracking and reporting on legal matters?

Our platform provides a centralized repository for all matter-related information and documents, which can be accessed and updated in real time. The software also generates reports and analytics to help legal departments track key metrics, such as time to resolve a matter, and the number of matters resolved related to a subject area, department, or team member.

How is matter management software related to CLM?

Matter management software and contract lifecycle management (CLM) are related in that they both help legal departments manage their work more effectively. While matter management software focuses on managing all legal matters and requests, CLM is specifically designed to manage the lifecycle of contracts. These systems can work together to provide a more comprehensive solution for managing legal operations. For example, a matter management platform might integrate with a CLM system to streamline or automate the process of creating and managing contracts within the context of a legal matter.

What is the difference between matter management and case management software?

Matter management software is designed to help legal teams manage individual legal matters or cases from start to finish. It provides tools for tracking and organizing matter-related information and documents, as well as coordinating workflows and communication among team members and external stakeholders.
Case management software, on the other hand, is designed to help law firms and litigation support teams manage a portfolio of related legal matters. It provides tools for tracking deadlines, scheduling court appearances, and managing documents and evidence across multiple cases.
While there may be some overlap between the two types of software, they have different functionalities and are used in different contexts within the legal industry. Matter management software is typically used by corporate legal departments, while case management software is more commonly used by law firms and litigation support teams.

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