The BRYTER Building Bar: Coming Soon to a City Near You

BRYTER building bar neon

The BRYTER no-code automation platform must be seen to be believed — and that’s why we’re taking it on tour to cities around the world.

After launching in 2021, BRYTER’s Building Bars offered a unique opportunity to get hands-on with award-winning legal automation in small-group settings alongside our team of expert facilitators and other guests. In the space of one hour, attendees can create their own functional legal applications while learning about automation and networking with innovative peers in inspiring settings. 

Premier venues in global cities 

Since the first Building Bar in London last fall, we have held Building Bars pop-up style in New York City, Madrid, Paris, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas, including at premier legal industry events and conferences across the globe. Venues are carefully selected to allow participants to enjoy building code-free applications, as well as their networks.  

“I had a fantastic time creating an app that I could see my company using right away — I just wish I could’ve spent even more time building!”

Ana Prado Blanco, General Counsel, Mercedes-Benz Spain.

“These sessions are really fun — participants are happy to get building and sometimes they even get a little competitive with their neighbors,” explains Rupinder Mahay, Customer Success Manager at BRYTER, who has facilitated several events and guided guests through the building process. “The free bar and great snacks are a winner too!” 

In Madrid in May, participants met at the Restaurante Abascal and got together over drinks and legal app ideas.  

Participants created their own apps at the Madrid Building Bar in May.

“The event was an incredible opportunity to finally get my hands on this tool and see what it can do, alongside a great group in a fabulous venue,” said Sara Molina Perez-Tome, Legal Management Consulting, Deloitte Legal Spain. 

“I had a fantastic time creating an app that I could see my company using right away — I just wish I could’ve spent even more time building!” agreed Ana Prado Blanco, General Counsel, Mercedes-Benz Spain. 

In June, the first French Building Bar was held in Paris at the Villeroy Maison, a luxury hotel in a Parisian private mansion. Some of the attendees traveled to Paris just for the event and stayed until it ended at 11pm, in many cases creating their own ideas for apps from scratch rather than using any provided templates. 

The June 2022 Paris Building Bar at Villeroy Maison.

The Building Bar has taken on other forms at partnered hackathons alongside renowned innovators, such as our recent joint event with Ashurst and McLaren, which was held at the McLaren Technology Center. Participants created sustainability solutions for ESG challenges that were judged by a panel; the winning team focused on the decarbonization of buildings and developed a tool for making informed and responsible decisions about whether to re-build or retrofit. 

Teams ideated to create sustainability solutions at the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, UK.

Another Building Bar has been held at legal tech day in the Netherlands with our partner, the leading legal finance and consulting firm EIFFEL, which reached max capacity due to high demand. 

The BRYTER x EIFFEL Building Bar and Legal Tech Day in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

See you at the next Building Bar 

To see when other Building Bar events are coming to a city near you, check out our events page and keep an eye on LinkedIn for further announcements. You can also sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our upcoming events. 

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