Top ten use cases of 2020

Use Cases

This year has been a year like no other, and as we head into 2021 we take a look at the top ten ways legal, compliance, finance and tax professionals use BRYTER to automate processes and deliver knowledge digitally.

1. COVID-19 Return-to-Work Navigator

As companies look forward to a new business as usual, creating return-to-work strategies that comply with ever-changing rules and regulations presents unique challenges, especially for companies with offices across the world that must comply with multiple jurisdictions. BRYTER has created a self-service app that helps firms easily navigate government guidelines, track workforce health and gather important employee feedback.

With BRYTER, companies can create a bespoke digital Return-to-Work Navigator that allows them to assess which requirements apply, providing potentially infected employees with information and reducing the need for onsite health screenings. Conducting self-serve health assessments decreases the time it takes to assess hundreds of employees onsite making the process more efficient. Tracking results in real-time creates the ability to identify potential health risks early. But this crisis is ever-evolving, and regulations change almost on a weekly basis. BRYTER govtech platform enables business professionals to visualise rules, and update information easily and quickly to reflect changes in governmental guidance and company requirements.

2. ESG Investment Check

The demand for ESG software has skyrocketed, and now every investment firm has to seriously consider sustainability factors given the interest from consumers and stakeholders. BRYTER ESG Investment Check helps asset managers and financial institutions navigate regulatory disclosure requirements and receive sector-specific advice. By automating the assessment process, the ESG Investment Check enables funds to conduct a health check and understand their ESG risks and opportunities. The ESG Investment Check runs an automatic assessment to provide an instant ESG rating based on sector-specific requirements and the information and data provided.

Like every application built using BRYTER no-code app builder, the ESG Investment Check is easy to customize and tailor to sector-specific needs, including changes in regulatory guidance. It provides a quick assessment in an easy-to-use format to ensure corporations and financial institutions can respond efficiently to regulatory obligations and investor demands.

3. Data Breach Assistant

Since 2018 data security has been at the forefront of every company’s mind. Data breaches happen, especially in the complex regulatory environment, and following the GPDR companies are obliged to report personal data breaches within 72 hours. BRYTER Data Breach Reporting Assistant helps companies document and navigate data breaches in a fast, transparent and compliant way. The Data Breach Assistant is at number three in our top use cases of 2020 list. With BRYTER, you can build a tool that uses predefined criteria to determine whether a personal data breach has occurred, and which steps must be taken under the GDPR guidelines.

The automated and standardized nature of The Data Breach Assistant allows for easy assessment of data breaches and determination of risk profiles and necessary next steps providing a consistent approach and documentation. Time is fundamental if a data breach occurs – this tool helps to quickly and efficiently deal with all the required steps involved in handling the process. Another part of the GDPR puzzle is proving that you are compliant. Within our GDPR compliance software, all relevant steps, actions and assessments are tracked and documented in a centralized, automatically generated audit trail making it a quick and efficient tool.

4. STS Securitization Checker

“Simple, transparent and standardized” securitization has turned out to be anything but. BRYTER’s STS Securitization Checker is an interactive tool that ensures a consistent approach in checking standard requirements against the information provided by a financial institution, fund or law firm minimizing the potential for human error. The tool can generate the required ESMA submission forms and auto-populate these to streamline an otherwise manual and onerous process.

The STS Securitization Checker enables companies to create consistency across processes. It assesses the STS eligibility of a transaction and manages all required information and supporting documentation creating a faster and more efficient process. The Checker generates an eligibility score for each transaction against pre-determined criteria and helps troubleshoot any identified risks.

5. IBOR Transition Platform

With only one year left until the Benchmark Reforms come into effect, companies across the world must now ensure they follow the necessary steps to avoid disruption to the performance of their contracts. The right balance of bespoke solutions versus and cost-effectiveness to solve this problem will be more necessary than ever. This is where our fourth use case comes in. BRYTER IBOR Transition Platform is an integrated solution, using our no-code technology to help create highly customizable low-cost automation to help with any IBOR transition gaps.

Like every tool built on BRYTER, the IBOR Transition Platform is customizable. Amongst other things, this allows for easy adaptation of any legal reasoning process structure to specific requirements. It can create an integrated workflow by connecting with contract analysis software. By automating and standardizing the process of analyzing, triaging and repapering large document sets in a centralized audit trail, it provides real-time insights and overview of the project’s status.

In-house legal departments get queries through a multitude of channels, including email, telephone and in person. Many of these requests for assistance can be described as “business-as-usual” – they do not typically require bespoke, case-by-case consideration. With BRYTER, legal departments can build their own tailored Virtual Legal Assistant to reflect custom processes and service levels. Through a customizable and interactive interface, employees in specialist departments can enter the details of their legal request – making it possible to collect all the necessary information before the inquiry reaches the legal department. And if a self-serve tool already exists, the employees can be pointed right to it.

A Legal Intake Management Tool can be used to build a clear and consistent process for managing legal intake and assigning service requests. The process can be standardized with a configurable workflow that directs requests to the right resources and provides status updates in real-time. It can save up to 90% of time allocating resources and providing legal services, to free up time to focus on the most valuable matters. Delivering expertise at scale is what makes BRYTER powerful; a Legal Intake Management Tool can empower people across organizations to access legal know-how, playbooks, checklists, guidance and other knowledge assets anytime, anywhere.

7. Lease Reviewer

Reviewing leases is a time consuming relatively low margin exercise. By integrating with machine learning contract analysis technology, the Lease Reviewer provides a single interface that acts as both a review platform and house-style reporting tool. The user reviews the key terms of the lease extracted and answers a series of questions that reflects their house-style lease report. The tool can also determine the risk level associated with a lease.

The Lease Reviewer can save up to 60% of time reviewing and reporting on leases by automating and standardizing the process. Like every application built on BRYTER, it is highly customizable. The Lease Reviewer can reflect a unique way in of reporting on leases and can also apply sophisticated scoring to enable high-level risk rating for each lease reviewed with the additional benefit of being available 24/7.

8. HR Incident Handler

Employee incidents happen, and every company needs a way of dealing with them. The HR Incident Handler streamlines the way businesses deal with those incidents. BRYTER no-code platform enables easy automation of complaints, approval processes, automatic emails and documents generation. It can be adapted and customized to suit any complaints and approvals processes guaranteeing consistency in the way a business handles employee issues.

The HR Incident Handler can also be easily integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and other internal databases to guarantee all the information is recorded correctly with the additional benefit of being available 24/7.

9. Trademark Protection Assistant

Opposition proceedings regarding patents can get technical and lengthy. The Trademark Protection Assistant automatically evaluates the likelihood of success in opposition proceedings. Using powerful logic, the tool considers the type, similarity and audience of an existing trademark against an opposing trademark to make an assessment. The assessor produces a bespoke report with legal information relevant to a potential opposition filing. If the assessor determines that an opposition filing has a high likelihood of success, it automatically generates a cease-and-desist letter containing relevant information to send to the infringer. 

The open architecture of the tool allows the cease-and-desist letter to be configured to meet the requirements of the mark owner. The Trademark Protection Assistant allows companies to assess high volumes of potential oppositions through a standardized process. This ensures a consistent approach and documentation additional benefit of being available 24/7.

10. Insurance Claim Handler

Streamlining the process of handling insurance claims with insurtech saves thousands of hours, and makes a lot of people’s lives easier. A Claim Management Assistant built on BRYTER can effortlessly determine the timeline and deadlines for each claim. The information collected using this BRYTER tool is combined with predefined logic to produce all the necessary processes, reminders and documentation in line with the company’s house style.

A Claim Management Assistant allows companies to ensure that all claims are dealt with completely and consistently by determining the exact type of claim, relevant deadlines and obligations guaranteeing consistency in approach and documentation. Additionally, every action and request is tracked and documented in a fully transparent and centralized audit trail. As with any application built on BRYTER, the Claim Management Assistant is customizable and may reflect unique policies, processes and risk treatments.

To find more about BRYTER use cases or if you are interested in automation technology and want to discover how our no-code platform can transform your business, contact us today.

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